7drl 2018 in the bag!

Welp. I seem to have a habit of picking 7drl themes that sound easy at first and only turn out to be incredibly difficult later on. I also decided to pick up rot.js for the first time and build my game in that this year, so I was learning new stuff on the fly at the same time.

Long story short, I ended up cutting a ton of planned content to make it to a "finished" working playable game in time. More than half the items in the item list are commented out and don't appear in the game. As such, while this technically meets the criteria for a "Success" on the 7drl, but is probably best considered more of a fully-playable tech demo since there's only a handful of things you can build and use. I definitely would like to come back to this someday: Rewrite some of the more ugly stuff that I hacked up at 4am for cleanliness, and then expand it out into the full game that I had in mind when I set out to make it. I'm a little disappointed that I never got around to including uses for things like ladders (pole + stick) or my favorite, the "long range screwdriver" (pole + screwdriver).

Some of the characters on the map are drawn using unicode emoji instead of regular ASCII, which is totally unsupported by rot.js, but I couldn't resist when I saw how adorable the U+1F986 DUCK looked running around on the screen on my computer. So a couple of things might display as boxes instead depending on your browser and fonts. On one of my computers they look lovely, but the grapes appear as a little purple box; on another PC they all show up correctly but the emoji are rendered as bland line drawings. So... yeah. Sorry about that, I guess. :\ I may fix it post-7drl if I can figure out a font to plug into rot.js that has all the right emoji, etc.

And, yes, I know the item being used is "Duct Tape." I originally started out with the mechanical idea of combining and dismantling items to make other items, and while I was pondering how to theme that, I hit upon the idea of a character using duct tape to tape things together. And then I got to thinking about how many people mispronounce it as "duck tape", and thought that it would be funny to have a duck duct taping things.

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