Duck Tape Hero

There is a place in the wilderness, far from any lake or pond. A deep place, hidden within the earth, where dark creatures lurk. Among the Anatidae, it is known as the Darkness Below. Eons ago, the dark god of the hominids stole the Grapes of Yendor from the creator, and fled to the Darkness Below with it. It is spoken in whispers that one day, a brave hero, barely a hatchling, will enter the Darkness Below and return with the Grapes to lead the Anatidae to greatness.

Now, that time has come. You, a flightless youngling barely out of his first molting, were turned down by the Elders when you petitioned for permission to raid the Darkness Below. Spurning their cowardice, you set out for the dungeon with only your trusty roll of duct tape to defend yourself. Your mission: To survive the dungeon, find the Grapes of Yendor, and escape with your life.


©2018 thp (Gregory Torbenson)
Most icons © under CC-BY-3.0.
Additional key art by graa and thp

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I combined a Rubber Chicken with a Pulley. Now I can bring prop comedy to a whole other level. Thanks Duck Tape Hero!